• Scholastic Books - Touch and Tilt Series

    Blazing Cloud provided iOS development expertise in a partnership with Orange Design to create three titles for the Scholastic Book's Touch and Tilt Series. This series of interactive iPad apps provide a combination of narration, music and sound to deliver an engaging and educational experience for kids. Blazing Cloud developed a framework which allowed I Love You Through and Through, Go, Clifford, Go!, and The Magic Schoolbus: Oceans to leverage the UI of the iPad.
  • CNN Political Map

    In partnership with Orange Design and CNN, Blazing Cloud developed an interactive way to track the November elections with HTML and Javascript, specifically targeting the iPad. The election center map provided up to the minute election results through a color-coded interface. The map allowed users to choose which information they wished to follow and drill down from national to county results.

  • PeerPressure

    PeerPressure creates a virtual support group to help you meet your goals. Choose from over 250 goal templates ranging from “Be Happier” to “Write a Book” or create your very own. PeerPressure draws in your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and email for positive support. Achieve one of your milestones? PeerPressure will send out a notification of your success to your friends. Forget to update or miss one of your milestones? PeerPressure will alert your friends that a bit of encouragement is needed to get you back on track. Queue up as many goals as you like while focusing on your main objective. Every time you start a goal, a custom webpage is created to help you and your friends chart your goal’s progress.


    The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco reached out to Blazing Cloud to develop a system where community members can view and register for the many activities and classes JCCSF offers. Blazing Cloud implemented a Content Management System that integrated with SOAP services from their back-office course management system allowing JCCSF to have ultimate control over how to highlight their catalog of activities to their members and the public and allow for signing up for classes directly on the website. "Blazing Cloud not only supplied an exceptionally talented set of developers to help get us moving with our front-end development project, they proved invaluable at sorting through the oftentimes problematic data/codegenerated by the parallel, back-end dev project." -- Cynthia B., Webmaster, JCCSF

  • Gaze

    Gaze is a selection of scenes designed for relaxation, contemplation or just a beautiful break in your day. The scenes have been carefully selected and edited to show off the incredible quality of the iPad screen - and each scene has restful, natural audio to take you right into the view. Scenes are organized by gallery, so you can choose to relax to your favorite fireplace, cycle through a set of clouds, or choose shuffle and let Gaze choose for you.

  • Captain Recruiter

    Captain Recruiter provides streamlined recruiting for small to medium size businesses. The Captain Recruiter website utilizes document reader Scribd, to allow hiring managers to access an organized view of resumes. Companies continue to return to the Captain Recruiter site for their hiring needs because of the user-friendly website and amount of quality applicants.

  • ZigZag Board

    ZigZag Board for the iPad makes it easy to visualize and share your ideas. Quickly edit your drawings with features such as move, resize and delete. Export your whiteboard sessions to PDF and attach to an email to share with colleagues. ZigZag Board is a great way to take hand-written notes in meetings and works well with a variety of after-market styluses.
  • MightySushi

    MightySushi allows people to learn practical and fun Japanese by listening to phrases recorded by a native speaker . Find out how to say everything from "Do you have a license to prepare fugu?" to "Japanese sushi is tasty!". Power up MightySushi at your favorite sushi restaurant and order with confidence.  MightySushi is powered by Mightyverse, an extensive database of professionally created video translations spoken by a native speakers. Blazing Cloud developed MightySushi as a universal application -- a single app that runs on any iOS device: iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch.  It has integrated video with standard playback controls and supports portrait and landscape modes on the iPad.

  • MetaLingual

    Metalingual is a mobile mashup that allows you to look up a word and see its definition and a list of phrases that illustrate usage across multiple languages. You can also play video of the phrases to hear people speaking in their native language.