Mightyverse is for people interested in language. We are building a database of words, phrases, and sentences translated from one language to another, including jokes, slang, lyrics, localisms, technical terms - anything you can imagine expressing.


ClassTop is a content management and communication tool that synchronizes with major learning management systems. ClassTop’s client-side, rich user-interface dramatically reduces the time instructors spend managing content on their online learning management systems.


Rhomobile Inc. offers the world’s leading open source framework for business mobility solutions. Founded in 2008 by a team of Silicon Valley veterans, the company’s award winning software has hundreds of active developers and is ideal for independent software vendors, system integrators and enterprises of all sizes.


OpenLaszlo applications are written in LZX, a standards-driven XML and JavaScript description language that enables a declarative, text-based development process. LZX supports rapid prototyping, collaborative software development and long term code maintenance.


Teaching is an integral part of the software community. Here at Blazing Cloud we believe in giving our knowledge back to the community.