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More about Typus Authentication

In Device the easiest way to support an admin role is to simply add an attribute that can be used to identify administrators, which doesn’t involve any migration. So after following Lorien’s post, I set @admin_user to a Device user model and made sure it had all the required Typus attributes. Below are the steps [...]

Caching in Rails

In Rails we have two different ways of Caching - Page Caching: which is always stored on Disk - Action & Fragment Caching: which uses the configure cache configured in our Rails instance. By default Rails provides three techniques: 1) Page Caching Allows the request for a generated page to be fulfilled by the webserver, without [...]


I thought there was some kind of fancy voodoo happening, but it turns out that it’s basically just a hash! Memcached is simply a key value stored in memory, no voodoo here. To implement just set your cache in,/config/environments/production.rb config.cache_store = :mem_cache_store Same thing as config.cache_store = :memory_store, but it runs as a separate process. [...]

Expiring cached pages

Everybody knows that expiring cached pages is like pulling teeth, but regretfully it is something that we all need to do. One’s first inclination may be to expire pages in the Controller and usually via the update method. Depending on which technique you choose to expire pages you can use the method expire_page {action,fragment} However, [...]

Understanding git submodule

We recently upgrade & add some little features to our extension carousel based on “Infinite Carousel” by We were working in our extension repository, focusing just in javascript implementation within a test app. When we integrated to our radiant project and run it locally, it worked just fine. But after deploy I got: ** [...]