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How Twilio conferencing helps Blazing Cloud

When Blazing Cloud needed a solution for a daily standup conference call, I looked no further than Twilio. I’ve heard great things about Twilio, most appealing of which is its simplicity to implement. As a non-developer who was increasingly frustrated with using free conference services, I decided to take on the task of creating a [...]

Sprint vs AT&T vs Verizon iPhone Speed Test

In the not so distant past, iPhone users had limited options when it came to their choice of cell providers. Until Verizon received the iPhone 4 in February 2011, AT&T was the only contender in the iPhone market. With the recent release of the iPhone 4S on Sprint, consumers now have another option, but each [...]

Lauren Ipsum: CS Fiction for Kids

We just backed the Lauren Ipsum project on KickStarter. This children’s story is an adventure through computer science concepts. The main character, Lauren Ipsum, meets a Wandering Salesman in the first chapter who is finding his way home using the algorithm of that name. It’ll be interesting to read the rest of the book and [...]

Udemy Class: JavaScript for Programmers

Programmers today are seeking a disciplined approach to learning JavaScript as a language, but there are surprisingly few web resources that provide in depth training options. Udemy is an online academy that enables anyone to teach and learn online. Its goal is to “democratize online education by making it fast, easy and free to create [...]

How I got an external service to talk to my local Rails server

We’re currently on a project where we had to integrate Twilio. One of the services Twilio provides is a way for clients to call a phone number that reroutes back to your web application for further instructions. When I first got started, the first challenge was figuring out how to develop with Twilio and get [...]

Rack for Easy HTTP redirect

We recently moved our class sign-up to EventBrite.  It used to be hosted on heroku with the subdomain  However, when we changed our DNS to direct to eventbrite, it didn’t end up targetting our eventbrite subdomain: — hitting the EventBrite homepage instead.  Rack to the rescue! We set up another Heroku app with [...]

remarkable validations for rails 3

I’ve been working on upgrading an app from Rails 2.3.11 to Rails 3.1.  It was using the old rspec-on-rails-matchers plugin to get validators like: it ‘verifies that login is between 3 and 40 characters’ do validate_length_of(:login, :within => 3..40) end I like that validation syntax, but lately when I see a plugins, I worry [...]

Test Driven Development at Blazing Cloud

Blazing Cloud will be offering a class on Efficient Rails Test Driven Development this October, taught by Wolfram Arnold. Wolf is an experienced Rails engineer who applies test-driven development in his consulting practice, and is returning to teach this highly successful class for the fourth time at Blazing Cloud. For information or to sign up, [...]

Client Side Validations

TL;DR Luke Wroblewski did some sweet research on inline validations and found out that people think they are totally awesome. Brian Cardarella implemented that research in the gem client_side_validations. The gem automatically generates lots of client validations based on your rails model validations. I wrote an application showing some of its capabilities and how to [...]

Food on the Table One Year Later

Presented by: Manuel Rosso, founder of Food on the Table Food on the Table is revolutionizing the way families buy groceries and eat at home. Food on the Table distills complex data into a simple product. Combines what’s on sale with what’s relevant and recipes to provide meal plans. Customer validation with Concierge MVP: hand holding occurred [...]