Cross Training Program

Ruby on Rails engineers are in short supply. The Blazing Cloud cross-training program fills the gap.

The most successful managers hire smart people who communicate well and are quick to learn - not necessarily because the applicants have domain-specific skills. The challenge is finding the right candidates outside your immediate sphere, and it’s even harder when you don’t have the bandwidth to train them yourself. When your company or team is focused on high velocity development , you need capable engineers who can step in and contribute right away.

A cross-train might be suitable for your company if you can identify business-critical tasks that are not time sensitive. This 12-week program will successfully “on-board” an engineer who lacks specific, relevant experience. The engineer will work with your team for 11 weeks (after 1 week of training), and you will need to identify an engineer on your team to pair with or guide the work; however, the new engineer will also be able to draw upon Blazing Cloud expertise and resources. The goal is that mid-way through the program the new engineer will be a contributing member of the team (at a level appropriate to their years of experience).

The Blazing Cloud Cross-Training Program offers you engineers who:

  • are on the path to be professional Ruby on Rails developers within 2-3 months
  • are available to work at your company as a full-time employee after completing the program
  • have received 1 week of off-site training, so the new engineer arrives with a good foundation in core technology:
    Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • will work on-site with your team for 11 weeks
  • have committed to a program of self-study, including evening or weekend classes during the internship
  • will receive ongoing mentoring via a weekly check-in with a senior engineer

Engineers come to us from diverse backgrounds, such as:

  • an engineer who has spent time away from the profession but now wishes to return (parental leave or alternate career choice)
  • an experienced engineer whose focus has been in a different domain, such as embedded systems, desktop applications or Java
  • a self-taught programmer with demonstrable skills who delights in learning new programming languages and frameworks

Our innovative program offers value and expertise for companies feeling the urgency to develop software profitably without cutting corners on quality. The program allows small companies to create an effective environment for on-boarding engineers who need to come up to speed on the full stack required to work in Ruby on Rails. Since the engineers are part of a group who go through training together, they will have peer support and access to graduates of the program, as well as their senior mentors.

For more information, contact Michael Pope