Lauren Ipsum: CS Fiction for Kids

We just backed the Lauren Ipsum project on KickStarter.

This children’s story is an adventure through computer science concepts. The main character, Lauren Ipsum, meets a Wandering Salesman in the first chapter who is finding his way home using the algorithm of that name. It’ll be interesting to read the rest of the book and to see whether it can inspire children to think about algorithms and data from a fun perspective without introducing them as computing concepts.

Pledges on KickStarter go towards translating the book into Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. This is pretty awesome, since much of software development lingo is taken from English, it is great to evangelize learning computer science concepts in kids’ native languages.

We applaud this effort and look forward to hanging one of the book’s illustrations in our office after the completion of the project.

Even though they have already met their goal, more funding will enable translation in more languages.

Learn more about Lauren Ipsum on KickStarter.

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