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Sprint vs AT&T vs Verizon iPhone Speed Test

In the not so distant past, iPhone users had limited options when it came to their choice of cell providers. Until Verizon received the iPhone 4 in February 2011, AT&T was the only contender in the iPhone market. With the recent release of the iPhone 4S on Sprint, consumers now have another option, but each [...]

Food on the Table One Year Later

Presented by: Manuel Rosso, founder of Food on the Table Food on the Table is revolutionizing the way families buy groceries and eat at home. Food on the Table distills complex data into a simple product. Combines what’s on sale with what’s relevant and recipes to provide meal plans. Customer validation with Concierge MVP: hand holding occurred [...]

Drew Houston, CEO and Founder of Dropbox: How We Decide What to Build

Presented by Drew Houston, CEO and Founder of Dropbox People > Process: - Great engineers are dramatically more productive than average engineers - Hiring fewer but better people reduces need to be great at coordination, planning, etc - 25 person engineering team split up into smaller, loosely coupled sub-teams - Each with own roadmap, release [...]

SLL Conference: Andy Wiggins, Heroku

The second part of our Startup Lessons Learned series covers the interesting story of Heroku’s “Epic Pivot” told by Andy Wiggins. photo credit: Morgan Linton 6 weeks to build initial prototype Idea: Filemaker Pro for the web (but with real programming tools) Accepted to Y-Combinator Soft-Launched with Ruby Inside community Closed $3M VC round in [...]

Multi-Browser Testing w/ Capybara

On March 23rd, Blazing Cloud and Engine Yard hosted 25 Ruby enthusiasts for a Capybara and RSpec Multi-Browser testing workshop. This 2-hour session walked students through building a new Rails 3 app using RSpec and Capybara paired with Selenium for automated browser testing. A custom IDE developed by Engine Yard was used to minimize setup [...]

Rails Test Driven Development Classes on TechTV

Blazing Cloud has partnered with Marakana to record and publish our Efficient Rails Test-Driven Development class. In this video series, instructors Wolfram Arnold and Sarah Allen cover a range of topics from the culture and economics behind TDD to walking students through writing tests first-hand. Students learn best practices for using RSpec, Cucumber, Webrat and [...]

Learn to Build a CMS-Driven Website in a Weekend

Join Blazing Cloud for a weekend workshop on January 22-23rd and learn to build a website that can easily be edited by non-technical people. These days it’s not enough to create a website for someone — we need to provide them tools where they can update text and images, keeping their web presence aligned with [...]

PeerPressure Available Now on the App Store!

PeerPressure Video Blazing Cloud and Lucky Knives are excited to announce the official release of PeerPressure, an iPhone application that creates a virtual support group to help you meet your goals. Choose from over 250 goal templates ranging from “Be Happier” to “Write a Book” or create your very own. PeerPressure draws in your friends via [...]