Rails Test Driven Development Classes on TechTV

Blazing Cloud has partnered with Marakana to record and publish our Efficient Rails Test-Driven Development class. In this video series, instructors Wolfram Arnold and Sarah Allen cover a range of topics from the culture and economics behind TDD to walking students through writing tests first-hand. Students learn best practices for using RSpec, Cucumber, Webrat and Selenium.

Additional topics covered throughout the classes include:

  • Testing in layers, design patterns
  • Toolbox: RSpec with Rails
  • RSpec & Models
  • Testing & Date Dependencies
  • Controller testing
  • View, Helper, Routes Testing
  • Refactoring code & tests, custom matchers
  • API Testing
  • Remote data setup

View all available videos on TechTV.

Efficient Rails TDD is one of the many classes that will be offered at Blazing Cloud’s San Francisco office this winter. To view a complete list of classes visit http://classes.blazingcloud.net

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