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Test First SEO: Pretty Urls with Rails and to_slug Plugin

I used to do search engine marketing before making the career switch to software engineering and I’ve been doing some work on to help Google figure out what we are all about. The contents of the url is one of the many ways to improve Google’s understanding of a webpage. ‘Pretty Urls’ [...]

Radiant WYSIWYG Editor Comparison

Radiant is a popular content management system written in Rails. It is very simple and lightweight out of the box, and customizing it is fast and easy. Several of our current projects use Radiant and we’ve been searching for a more intuitive editor than Markdown or Textile - both of which come packaged [...]

Retrospectives: The Fish Bone

Can a fish bone help make a good team great?  That depends on what kind of fish bone we are talking about…
Blazing Cloud recently purchased the book Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great.  I skimmed through the book’s activities last week in preparation for leading a retrospective.  I picked the Fish Bone activity because [...]