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Peer Pressure Available Now on the App Store!

Peer Pressure Video
Blazing Cloud and Lucky Knives are excited to announce the official release of PeerPressure, an iPhone application that creates a virtual support group to help you meet your goals.
Choose from over 250 goal templates ranging from “Be Happier” to “Write a Book” or create your very own. PeerPressure draws in your friends via Twitter, [...]

Understanding git submodule

We recently upgrade & add some little features to our extension carousel based on “Infinite Carousel” by We were working in our extension repository, focusing just in javascript implementation within a test app. When we integrated to our radiant project and run it locally, it worked just fine. But after deploy I got:
** [...]

Rails 3: ActiveRecord

Rails 3 cheat sheet Part 2: ActiveRecord
Everything you know from Rails 2 still works and will for some time, but there is new cool stuff AND some of the Rails 2 syntax is deprecated and will eventually go away, so you should be aware.
1) Use first, last, all (not find(:first), find(:last) and find(:all)
2) New query [...]

Multiline document.write

I was just refactoring some HTML and needed to move some of my markup out of the HTML file and into a JavaScript method so I can re-use it in multiple HTML files. Using document.write, I didn’t want to put all of the HTML on one line, and also didn’t want to have to add [...]

Test First SEO: Pretty Urls with Rails and to_slug Plugin

I used to do search engine marketing before making the career switch to software engineering and I’ve been doing some work on to help Google figure out what we are all about. The contents of the url is one of the many ways to improve Google’s understanding of a webpage. ‘Pretty Urls’ [...]

Converting a UTF-16 file to UTF-8

Lorien recently received a bunch of SVG files encoded in UTF-16 that her Aptana editor didn’t support well. She discovered this because ever time she needed to move to the next character, she needed to arrow right twice.
There were a few interesting properties of a UTF-16 file that we discovered by reading  this post:

This [...]

Rails 3: getting started

Rails 3 Cliff Notes, Part 1: getting started

Requires Ruby 1.8.7 or higher, but Ruby 1.9.2 is very stable and you should use it for new projects (unless you deploy on Heroku). Use rvm to remain sane when switching between new and old projects. By creating a .rvmrc file, rvm will automatically switch you [...]

Peer Pressure for Rails 3

Blazing Cloud is working on a new iPhone application, called Peer Pressure.  The idea is that you get your friends to help you achieve your goals.  We’re beta testing it and it is at the point where I feel ready to try a public goal.
I’ve have been working on updating my class curriculum for the [...]

SVG Scripting with JavaScript Part 1: Simple Circle

I recently embarked on the task of converting an interactive Flash widget to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and DHTML. The incentive for this project is primarily to make this widget work on the iPad which does not support the Flash player. SVG has been supported in all major browsers except for IE including mobile browsers [...]

guidlines for open source

Evan Phoenix (@evanphx), lead developer for Rubinius, spoke today at the Golden Gate Ruby Conference about how to effectively run or contribute to an open source project. Awesome talk.  Great information that is pretty slow to figure out by osmosis.
Evan presented 4 guidelines:

Contributors are a privilege: sometimes they feel like a burden.  They are providing [...]