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Here at Blazing Cloud we are happy to announce the launch of our first official product, BieberFy! BieberFy was inspired by Justin Bieber and the overwhelming response to his floppy teenage hair cut. So we thought, what would be better then to make an app that could give anyone Justin Bieber’s hair du? I mean, [...]

SVG Scripting with JavaScript Part 1: Simple Circle

I recently embarked on the task of converting an interactive Flash widget to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and DHTML. The incentive for this project is primarily to make this widget work on the iPad which does not support the Flash player. SVG has been supported in all major browsers except for IE including mobile browsers [...]

jQTouch slide transition fix for Android 2.0

A client of Blazing Cloud recently wanted to support animated screen transitions in their mobile platform and came to us for help. We decided to integrate the latest jQTouch (version 1, beta 2) into their framework since we had heard good things about it. Unfortunately, many animated transitions in Android don’t work very well. Worst [...]

Objective-C Gets Blocks!

New to Objective-C is the block syntax. A block is a section of code that is grouped together and designed to be treated like one statement. Blocks also package up the lexical scope of variables and functions within its environment. Blocks are found in many languages including, but not limited to, Ruby, Javascript and Lisp. [...]

WWDC Day One

Apples annual conference kicked off last week and Blazing Cloud wasn’t about to miss it’s chance to attend. Many exciting things happened like a preview of the 4th generation iPhone, a preview of developer tools and a look into safari improvements. The keynote also offered up some interesting statistics and new device capabilities of iPhone [...]

ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit

I was excited to participate in the ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit last Friday. Elesterama has a nice write-up of the keynote, which was followed by an unconference led by the fabulous Kaliha Hamlin. The unconference format puts the hallway track front and center, allowing for lots of interaction and great conversations. The hot topics of the [...]

Test Driven Development for iPhone

UPDATE: Check out the project source code at: http://github.com/blazingcloud/iphone_logic_testing Here at Blazing Cloud we really like Test-Driven Development (TDD). We try to use it for all of our development projects, and we recently learned how to do it for IPhone development. The unit test tool available for Cocoa development is more like JUnit for Java [...]

Mobile Training

I just finished a 3 day mobile training session in Columbus, Ohio. I taught cross-platform mobile development with Rhodes, RhoSync and mobile web UI techniques. I was thrilled to be joined by Brian Moore, who demonstrated how to use mspec with Rhodes (rspec-like testing framework for mobile) and a new debugger that supports breakpoints, stepping, [...]

BlackBerry browser limitations

Developing on BlackBerry Web UI is like stepping into 1996 with one-hand tied behind your back. It teases you into thinking you can use css, but without the ability to position divs, table-based layouts are the way to go. If you are surfing the open web, you get to use the 4.7 browser on newer [...]

WebOS Workshop Notes

Yesterday’s webOS workshop, hosted at Pivotal Labs, provided an immersive learning experience for Ruby on Rails experts who were Web OS newbies. We required that everyone had installed the SDK in advance and verify their installation by building a very small sample project. I told people ahead of time that they would be turned away [...]