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Mobile Lean UX

Agile development is an ideal way to create production software, but how do we apply agile methodologies to the design of the user experience? User experience design benefits from a holistic approach and if we aren’t careful, doing iterative development can result in a disjointed and confusing user experience or expensive re-designs. I gave a [...]

Brad Smith, Intuit: entrepreneurship in a large company

A conversation with Intuit CEO Brad Smith and Eric Ries: The Relevance of Entrepreneurship at Intuit. Brad had a number of really awesome lines, which unfortunately came off as a bit too rehearsed, so much so, that it made me wonder if there are many Intuit engineer that have a real opportunity to innovate as [...]

Eric Ries: Stop Wasting People’s Time

At SLLConf this year, we decided to try an experiment of live blogging via The event is being simulcast to a global audience, just like last year. This is the first of a series. Eric Ries kicked it off with an update on the Lean Startup “movement.” Eric Ries says he’s just a figurehead, [...]