Responsive Web Device Design Helper

In the head of my responsive web site I use the following meta tag

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0">

Then in a head script element

document.writeln("<div class='debug'> w("+
screen.width /16 +")-screen-h("+
screen.height /16 +") -- w("+
window.innerWidth /16 +")-inner-window-h("+
window.innerHeight /16 +")</div>")

Also in the head I have the following style sheets

<link rel="stylesheet"
<!-- small devices -->
<link rel="stylesheet"
media='screen and (min-width:20em) and (max-width:48em) ' />
<!-- small landscape device -->
<link rel="stylesheet"
media='screen and (min-width:30em) and (max-width:48em) ' />

The base.css has this css for the debug class

.debug {

The small-landscape has this css for the debug class

.debug {

You may notice in my media query setup that I follow the design principle of designing for mobile by default and then building up the device sizes from there.

Best luck!

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