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looking for great developers (mobile & web)

By sarah in Uncategorized. Posted on April 3rd

Blazing Cloud isn’t your typical startup or consulting agency. We’re a bunch of startup people who work together to deliver products for hire, creating a structure to give us freedom to pursue our own entrepreneurial ideas or other life plans.

I’ve been intentionally slow to grow the company over the past year, as we settled into a groove, focusing on mobile apps (native and web). We’ve defined some great processes and techniques for agile product development that are our own mix of XP and Lean Startup, and we’re always learning. In fact, learning and teaching are part of everything we do. In addition to the formal instruction we do in our classes and events, we all love to learn new APIs and languages, and getting really good at the best techniques. We always aspire to create beautiful, usable products and we collaborate with our clients in making that happen.

I’m excited that we’re ready to grow the company just a little bit more. Our last few awesome engineers were hired opportunistically thru the grapevine, but I strongly believe that the best practice in hiring is to post a job description and have an open process.

We’re looking for someone excited about native and/or mobile web development — we usually work with Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android, and Ruby/Rails/JavaScript for mobile web. You can be a generalist or specialize in a specific area. On Day 1 you’ll be coding on a customer facing project appropriate to your skill level. We are optimized to teach you whatever you don’t know. We are open to full-time employees or project-based contractors.

As a full-time employee you can look forward to:

  • Opportunity for advancement. We’re small and growing. You’ll be instrumental in shaping the company and we encourage you to pursue a leadership role.
  • Flexibility. In addition to paid vacation, we’ll allow you to take a sabbatical or incubate your own startup. Last summer, one of our engineers took of 6 weeks, spending most of her time learning Spanish in Guatemala. Another of our engineers took a few weeks off to develop an idea for his startup. Other engineers have spent extra time off farming, studying dance, and working on a mobile game.
  • Mentorship. We believe in helping each other.  You can leverage our deep experience to learn what it takes to build and ship successful software products, and we expect we’ll learn a lot from you.
  • Transparency. You’ll have visibility into all aspects of the business, from how decisions are made to the financial health of the company.
  • Benefits. We offer full medical, dental, vision and paid vacation. We’ll pay for one SmartPhone expense (monthly plan + device) and provide a top-of-the-line MacBook if you need one. Also, you can take any of our classes for free.

Equality Opportunity Employer: we welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds. We currently have 50% women/men and engineers with and without CS degrees.  We welcome ninjas, rockstars, and pirates, but you also need to be able to write great code and work well in a team.

Feel free to contact me or anyone else at Blazing Cloud directly, but also apply with Captain Recruiter — they’ll make sure we don’t lose track of anyone. Github and LinkedIn profiles are a fine substitute for a resume if they are up to date.

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