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Blazing Cloud team joins Indiegogo

The Blazing Cloud team has joined forces with Indiegogo, in support of their mission to democratize crowdfunding. Since the company started in 2009, we have cultivated a multidisciplinary product-centric practice focused on providing value to early stage entrepreneurs and Fortune 500s. We are delighted to team up with Indiegogo as they dive into their next [...]

We’re proud to announce Sarah Allen is a Presidential Innovation Fellow

On June 15, 2013 Sarah took a plane to Washington D.C. to start a six-month appointment at the Smithsonian as one of a few select Presidential Innovation Fellows. While on hiatus from Blazing Cloud, Sarah will help develop the Institution’s program to provide public access to its massive collections in science, history, art, and culture. The [...]

Meet Stacia Carr, Blazing Cloud’s New CEO

Today our team is excited to announce the promotion of Stacia Carr to CEO of Blazing Cloud!  Stacia joined us a little less than a year ago to hone our unique agile process we call the “Blazing Path,” and exceeded all expectations. A natural leader, Stacia has had over 14 years of experience in Internet [...]

Designing Habits: From Big Data to Small Changes

This excellent SXSW panel discussed how to to create meaningful change in people’s lives with small changes in habits. Can we leverage inexpensive sensors and self-tracking apps to scale what works? We have the technology to collect a tremendous amount of personal health and activity data. However, the data is only truly valuable if it [...]

UGC Science

User Generated Content (UGC) is evolving. In 2006, Time Magazine featured “You” as the person of the year, recognizing the people who create the information age by contributing to websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Today we’re seeing a trend where these small nuggets of human intelligence and creativity are gathered and processed by machines [...]

Artisanal Software Developers needed! (San Francisco, CA)

At Blazing Cloud, we handcraft beautiful mobile experiences. Our software products are locally sourced, use quality ingredients, and are crafted using time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation of software artisans. We are currently looking to add some amazing software engineers to our team. Being an artisanal software development house, our engineers are involved [...]

Capturing Data from Airbrake

This weekend I fixed an issue where a webform failed to write to its database. The app was set up with Airbrake, so I was able to grab the data pretty easily using Ruby and the Airbrake gem to collect the post parameters! I created a file called ‘setup.rb’ to easily connect to my account: [...]

Looking for an Engineering Manager

What happens when people try to share the responsibility of managing a software team? You learn you need a full-time engineering manager! Thankfully we’re recruiting while we’re merely too busy but not yet on fire. We’re really looking for a people manager, prior coding experience isn’t required (but you better understand software and how to [...]

ActiveAdmin with Existing Devise Authentication

I’m modifying an existing Rails app to use ActiveAdmin — one of the new generation of Rails admin consoles (aka dynamic scaffolding for your models).  I like its approach to customization, where it assumes we’ll need to. The docs are well-written and clear, but fairly thin; however, I found a number of good resources published [...]

Getting Started in LaTeX

Jump Straight to Code Examples Note: This post is not a substitute for reading: The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2epsilon. What is LaTex or Tex? TeX was developed in 1977 by Donald Knuth. LaTeX was written on-top of TeX to give a few pre-defined layouts to ease the process of using the typesetting tool [...]