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Making a javascript asset rails gem with jeweler.

Step one) Use the Jeweler gem. Seriously this is a brilliant piece of work. It allows you to concentrate on building your gem. Step two) Create a file for bundler to load

I am using ‘_’ as a convention for filenames as ClassName to class_name has been a convention in the rails community and the [...]

Field trip to the California Academy of Sciences!

Last week, the Blazing Cloud Dragonborn went on a trip to the California Academy of Sciences! Who are our Dragonborn? We are a group comprised of Blazing Cloud’s design intern, mobile fellow, engineering apprentice, and summer flight of programming interns! Like the player character in Skyrim, we are each growing in experience as we learn [...]

Meteor #throneofjs

Matt DeBergalis (@debergalis) gave the coolest talk so far at Throne of JS, where he gave a fun live coding demo after a brief overview of the real-time framework Meteor, released just a few months ago. “The web is wearing out” he claims… we see shifts in technology periodically.  Our apps are now running right next to [...]

Ember.js #throneofjs

Yehuda Katz (@wycats) gave an overview of Ember.js — Tom Dale is expected to dive into code today at the Throne of JS Conference in Toronto.  Below are my rough notes as a almost-live blog the conference, Lots of people are making small frameworks. Few frameworks are trying to solve the problem of creating full applications [...]

CanJS #throneofjs

Brian Moshel (@canjsus) from Bitovi, presented CanJS 2010 - year of the DOM library 2012 - year of the MVC library, good competition: ember, knockout CanJS, core framework extracted from JavaScriptMVC, seeks to create a framework that is light, fast and feature rich (live binding, computed properties, and memory safety). What we want in a JS library [...]

backbone.js #throneofjs

Jeremy Ashkenas (@jashkenas) notes that browsers let us do things that were not possible a few years ago… However, it seems to me that the frameworks being presented at the Throne of JS conference don’t leverage those new capabilities.  Backbone is doing stuff that has been around since website started requiring IE 5.5 as a minimum browser. [...]

Black Girls Code Needs Our Support

Black Girls Code seeks to increase the number of women of color in digital careers, starting with 7-14 year olds. The campaign to support their “summer of code” ends in just a few days and they are almost half way to their goal. Blazing Cloud is pledging up to $1000 as matching funds if employees [...]

Eric Ries at GetLeanSF

New Relic put together GetLeanSF on Monday evening, hosted at the fabulous Microsoft office above the Westfield Mall. Hundreds of people gathered to here Eric Ries talk about Lean Startup. I’ve seen Eric speak a few times and read his book, yet the event still managed to inspire me — reinforcing previous ideas about Lean [...]

Paid Design Internship

Blazing Cloud creates innovative mobile products to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. At the core of our success is a continuous appetite for becoming experts at new techniques and technologies, paired with our willingness to pay it forward. Over the past year, our classes and events were the main outlet for sharing [...]

orientationchange and resize events on the iPhone

Changing the orientation of your mobile device triggers a resize event. Here’s a very simple page showing that both orientationchange and resize events are triggered when you change the orientation of your mobile device. I used the following viewport meta tag in my html because of the iPhone Safari viewport scaling bug: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0,maximum-scale=1.0″> [...]