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Making a javascript asset rails gem with jeweler.

Step one) Use the Jeweler gem. Seriously this is a brilliant piece of work. It allows you to concentrate on building your gem. Step two) Create a file for bundler to load

I am using ‘_’ as a convention for filenames as ClassName to class_name has been a convention in the rails community and the [...]

Simple Update Field

Curtis Schofield wrote a gem (originally for a Blazing Cloud project, but released as open source) that lets you edit your text data right on the webpage! It’s called simple_update_field. It’s designed for the simple use case of having a webpage with a bunch of text fields that you want to edit one after the [...]

‘rt’ - Replace Text in Ruby for Rails 3 Upgrade, Charlie Brown

If you would like to use the actual file that we used to transform the code from RSpec 1 to 2, Webrat to Capybara and a few things around Rails 2 to rails 3. You can find this file in the repository

Devise Authentication in Rails 3 (Updated for devise 2)

Devise Github project page: https://github.com/plataformatec/devise After some google searching I arrived at the decision to use Devise over Authlogic for my brand spanking new rails 3 app. I haven’t really had that much experience with authlogic in the past, besides using it in my previous rails 3 app. It was a little tricky to get it [...]

Rails Test Driven Development Classes on TechTV

Blazing Cloud has partnered with Marakana to record and publish our Efficient Rails Test-Driven Development class. In this video series, instructors Wolfram Arnold and Sarah Allen cover a range of topics from the culture and economics behind TDD to walking students through writing tests first-hand. Students learn best practices for using RSpec, Cucumber, Webrat and [...]