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JavaScript Koans

I’m an iOS engineer with a background in robotics who is just diving into front-end web development. At Blazing Cloud, we’ve found that the approach taken by Koans, learning through testing, to be an effective way to understand the core syntax of a new language. Neither of the JavaScript Koans are nearly as fleshed out [...]

Reinventing the Wheel? Introducing Wheel.js

Does the world need another front end JavaScript framework? Yes it does. You should build one too.

Simple Update Field

Curtis Schofield wrote a gem (originally for a Blazing Cloud project, but released as open source) that lets you edit your text data right on the webpage! It’s called simple_update_field. It’s designed for the simple use case of having a webpage with a bunch of text fields that you want to edit one after the [...]

Manipulating the DOM, Google Closure vs. jQuery

Comparing closure to jQuery is like comparing an apple to a fruit basket. Google Closure, a JavaScript library and compiler, features cross-browser event management, drag and drop support, shared server and client side templating, and a massively efficient code compressor. Closure was used and refined at Google for years before it was released at the [...]