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RubyMotion Block Scope Bug

As a Rubyist, there is not much that is more exciting to me than the idea programming iOS in Ruby. For that reason, I was excited to try RubyMotion (link). Unfortunately, in our experiments, we pretty quickly ran into a bug that seemed to be a deal-breaker until we were able to experiment our way [...]

Undelete a branch in git

The other day I had a bit more insomnia than usual. As such it seemed like a good idea to clean up my local repository’s branches using the immediate and seemingly permanent -D option: git branch -D my_important_branch With just one tiny statement on the command line, I managed to delete the very stuff I [...]

Reinventing the Wheel? Introducing Wheel.js

Does the world need another front end JavaScript framework? Yes it does. You should build one too.

Manipulating the DOM, Google Closure vs. jQuery

Comparing closure to jQuery is like comparing an apple to a fruit basket. Google Closure, a JavaScript library and compiler, features cross-browser event management, drag and drop support, shared server and client side templating, and a massively efficient code compressor. Closure was used and refined at Google for years before it was released at the [...]