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Sandi Metz “Go Ahead, Make a Mess”

Sandi Metz is a developer who is passionate about object-oriented principles and design. At GoGaRuCo, she gave a talk called “Go Ahead, Make a Mess.” She gave plenty of advice on how to manage messes using OO design principles, but points out messes can’t be eradicated. “Stop worrying and learn to love the mess!” was [...]

Making a javascript asset rails gem with jeweler.

Step one) Use the Jeweler gem. Seriously this is a brilliant piece of work. It allows you to concentrate on building your gem. Step two) Create a file for bundler to load

I am using ‘_’ as a convention for filenames as ClassName to class_name has been a convention in the rails community and the [...]

RubyMotion Block Scope Bug

As a Rubyist, there is not much that is more exciting to me than the idea programming iOS in Ruby. For that reason, I was excited to try RubyMotion (link). Unfortunately, in our experiments, we pretty quickly ran into a bug that seemed to be a deal-breaker until we were able to experiment our way [...]

Building Small Web Services with a Heroku and Unicorn Sinatra Template Project

Using Sinatra Unicorn and Heroku (CEDAR stack) Together! I have been asked “How do I get started with Unicorn and Heroku?” “How can I made a remote HTTP webhook?” “How can I make a simple web service?” , “How can I get started with a free ruby hosting evironment?” I want to take a moment [...]