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Devise Authentication in Rails 3 (Updated for devise 2)

Devise Github project page: https://github.com/plataformatec/devise After some google searching I arrived at the decision to use Devise over Authlogic for my brand spanking new rails 3 app. I haven’t really had that much experience with authlogic in the past, besides using it in my previous rails 3 app. It was a little tricky to get it [...]

Rails 3: ActiveRecord

Rails 3 cheat sheet Part 2: ActiveRecord Everything you know from Rails 2 still works and will for some time, but there is new cool stuff AND some of the Rails 2 syntax is deprecated and will eventually go away, so you should be aware. 1) Use first, last, all (not find(:first), find(:last) and find(:all) [...]

Rails3, RSpec2 and WebMock

Yesterday we were deep in the middle of coding using RSpec 2 and Rails 3 and needed to verify that a method made a specific http request. I happily discovered WebMock, which appears to be a next generation FakeWeb. Originally developed by Bartosz Blimke, I was happy to see that Sam Phillips had it working [...]

Notes from Rails 3 bugmash

Blazing Cloud hosted a “Do One Thing for Rails 3″ bugmash and Workshop curriculum hacksession. We had four participants: Melanie Archer (@mejarc) Karen Zeller (@karenzeller8) Sharon Lee Sarah Allen (@ultrasaurus) We followed wycats instructions for getting started. Some pre-conditions that weren’t spelled out: Ruby 1.8.7 is required, which implies a re-install of rubygems (you need [...]