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Rails3, RSpec2 and WebMock

By sarah in Uncategorized. Posted on May 9th

Yesterday we were deep in the middle of coding using RSpec 2 and Rails 3 and needed to verify that a method made a specific http request. I happily discovered WebMock, which appears to be a next generation FakeWeb. Originally developed by Bartosz Blimke, I was happy to see that Sam Phillips had it working with Rspec 2 and Rails 3.

I found the following posts helpful:
RSpec 2 on Rails 3
using bundler with Rails 3

Here’s what I did to set it up (using rvm, which I highly recommend):
rvm gemset create rails3
rvm use [email protected]
gem install rails --pre
gem install rspec-rails --pre
gem install sqlite3-ruby
rails rails3_webmock
cd rails3_webmock/
vi Gemfile

group :test do
gem "rspec", "2.0.0.beta.8"
gem "rspec-rails", "2.0.0.beta.8"
gem "webmock", :git => "git://github.com/samdanavia/webmock.git"

rails g rspec:install
exist lib
create lib/tasks/rspec.rake
exist config/initializers
create config/initializers/rspec_generator.rb
create spec
create spec/spec_helper.rb
create autotest
create autotest/discover.rb

bundle install

add these lines to spec/spec_helper:
require 'webmock/rspec'
include WebMock

We wrote the following little test to test how to write a spec that verifies that an http request happens:

require 'spec_helper'

class Thing
def self.call(uri_string)
uri = URI.parse("http://www.google.com")
result = Net::HTTP.get(uri)

describe Thing do
it "should call a net API" do
uri_string = "http://www.google.com"
stub_request(:get, uri_string).to_return(:body => "something")
Thing.call(uri_string).should == "something"
WebMock.should have_requested(:get, uri_string)

I put it in spec/lib and can run it with:
spec spec/lib/thing_spec.rb

Note: I don’t need to call “bundle exec” with rspec to ensure that I use the versions specified in the bundle. [Update from@wycats spec_helper loads config/environment.rb which loads application.rb which calls Bundler.setup -- nice.]

Special thanks to @zakkap for the opportunity to dive into Rails 3 on a real project.

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  1. Posted May 9, 2010 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Glad you found my fork useful - amazed that you found it! :)

  2. Bartosz Blimke
    Posted May 13, 2010 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    I just released new WebMock 1.2.0. It includes Sam’s changes for RSpec 2.x compatibility and it preserves backward RSpec 1.x compatibility.

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