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Artisanal Software Developers Needed (SF)

At Blazing Cloud, we handcraft mobile and web experiences. Our software products are locally sourced, use quality ingredients, and are crafted using time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation of software artisans. We are currently looking to add some amazing software engineers to our team. Being an artisanal software development house, our engineers are [...]

Designing Habits: From Big Data to Small Changes

This excellent SXSW panel discussed how to to create meaningful change in people’s lives with small changes in habits. Can we leverage inexpensive sensors and self-tracking apps to scale what works? We have the technology to collect a tremendous amount of personal health and activity data. However, the data is only truly valuable if it [...]

UGC Science

User Generated Content (UGC) is evolving. In 2006, Time Magazine featured “You” as the person of the year, recognizing the people who create the information age by contributing to websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Today we’re seeing a trend where these small nuggets of human intelligence and creativity are gathered and processed by machines [...]

Lean Startup Conference 2012

Yesterday, the third Lean Startup Conference was held in San Francisco (previously Startup Lessons Learned), and for the third year, Blazing Cloud live-blogged the event in near-real-time.  It was packed with valuable info delivered by passionate speakers. Here’s the roundup: Lean Startup: Not Just Buzzwords Lean Government Shortening the Cycle: Lean Public Education 10 ways [...]

10 Ways to Get Out of the Building

Tendai Charasika (@XcellentTea) EnterpriseCorp is from rural Kentucky. He works for a chamber of commerce state organization: the Kentucky Innovation Netowrk. He’s a business coach in community, working with all ages and states of compnay to pull and push their companies forward. He talked about 10 ways to “get out of the building” with examples. [...]

Lean Startup Case Study: Getaround

Jessica Scorpio (@jessicascorpio) one of founders of Getaround spoke about her experience “Prototyping to Validate a Big Idea”. The big idea of getaround: solving a problem called “over car population” cars that sit idle connect to people who need a car. 5 billion daily un-utilized cour hours. Cars are really expensive to own. it costs 19% of their household [...]

How can GE be a Lean Startup?

A Conversation with Beth Comstock (@bethcomstock), SVP at GE, about Bringing Lean Startup to Life at One of the World’s Biggest Companies.  GE is #6 by revenue. As far as we know, this is the biggest company using lean startup practices. 300,000 customers.  Started by Thomas Edison.  Its been through a few iterations. Eric: What is [...]

Testing the Market for a New Kind of Car

Danny Kim (@LitMotors) founder of LitMotors. Actual prototype in audience! It looks cool. We take the romance and efficiency of a motorcycle and put that on a car. Building a car is hard. I’m the only founder with an actual track record of building vehicles (video!) If you want to start a car company, you [...]

Lean Government

Eric introduced the first session, with a secret amazing surprise guest! The very first Chief Technology Officer in the United States (2009-2012), Aneesh Chopra (@aneeshchopra), who will introduce our first speaker. Eric and a bunch of entrepreneurs came to the white house and asked: why is it so difficult to be an immigrant and also [...]

Shortening the Cycle: Lean Public Education

Diane Tavenner ( @summitps) talks about “Running Short Experiments During a Long Product Cycle” with the Summit Public Schools. One of the most common exuses we hear: it’s too hard! we have long process cycles! people are resistant to change! so this is doing it in public education O_O i suspect if we were playing [...]