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Lean Startup Case Study: Getaround

By sarah in Lean Startup. Posted on December 3rd
Jessica Scorpio (@jessicascorpio) one of founders of Getaround spoke about her experience “Prototyping to Validate a Big Idea”.
The big idea of getaround: solving a problem called “over car population” cars that sit idle connect to people who need a car.
5 billion daily un-utilized cour hours. Cars are really expensive to own. it costs 19% of their household income to own and operate one car. People who don’t have a car would love to get access to these unused cars.
We heard ”great idea, never gonna work.” That’s the thing about big ideas: lots of road blocks. so you prototype (legaslative, tech roadblocks)
1. used a university class to test it. moffit field. 150 students/faculty/staff to test. started very low-tech. getting owners to hand off keys to strangers — was enough to prove taht they’d share with strangers.
2. yahoo iphoneDevCamp.
unlock quick win, found our co-founder through that, won ”Best Money Making” app.
3. needed a world stage to show we can get traction. needed to show that thousands or tens of thousands could get this. in 2011
16,000 drivers signed up (some percent of zipcar over 10 years)
10,000 cars (more than zipcar in 10 years)
getaround carkit
partnered with hathaway? for insurance
worked on legislation. this is a new industry. got new laws passed in ca, oregon, washington. government supporting this idea.

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