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OpenLaszlo Syntax Highlighting for MacVim/Vim

The OpenLaszlo documentation isn’t specific about how to install syntax highlighting for vim on mac. So we thought we would write up a little blurb about how to do it! Copy the lzx.vim syntax file to dot vim directory in your home directory cp openlaszlo/trunk/tools/lzx.vim ~/.vim/syntax/ Create a file called .vimrc.local for your custom vim [...]

Devise Authentication in Rails 3 (Updated for devise 2)

Devise Github project page: After some google searching I arrived at the decision to use Devise over Authlogic for my brand spanking new rails 3 app. I haven’t really had that much experience with authlogic in the past, besides using it in my previous rails 3 app. It was a little tricky to get it [...]


Here at Blazing Cloud we are happy to announce the launch of our first official product, BieberFy! BieberFy was inspired by Justin Bieber and the overwhelming response to his floppy teenage hair cut. So we thought, what would be better then to make an app that could give anyone Justin Bieber’s hair du? I mean, [...]

Objective-C Gets Blocks!

New to Objective-C is the block syntax. A block is a section of code that is grouped together and designed to be treated like one statement. Blocks also package up the lexical scope of variables and functions within its environment. Blocks are found in many languages including, but not limited to, Ruby, Javascript and Lisp. [...]

WWDC Day One

Apples annual conference kicked off last week and Blazing Cloud wasn’t about to miss it’s chance to attend. Many exciting things happened like a preview of the 4th generation iPhone, a preview of developer tools and a look into safari improvements. The keynote also offered up some interesting statistics and new device capabilities of iPhone [...]