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By Lee in Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Products. Posted on September 23rd

Here at Blazing Cloud we are happy to announce the launch of our first official product, BieberFy! BieberFy was inspired by Justin Bieber and the overwhelming response to his floppy teenage hair cut. So we thought, what would be better then to make an app that could give anyone Justin Bieber’s hair du? I mean, haven’t you always wondered what you would look like with Justin Bieber’s hair? Okay, maybe thats a stretch, wondering what you would look like with Justin Biebers likeness and all, but if  your curiosity gets the better of you there IS an app for that now.

BieberFy is an application that runs on iOS 4 for the iPhone and iPod touch. BieberFy takes advantage of the devices built in camera by displaying an overlay that gives you three Justin Bieber hair styles to choose from.  The initial version of the app allows you to take a photo with one of the hair styles, preview it and if you choose to accept, it will save it to the device’s built in photo album.

BieberFy is available for sale world wide via the iTunes app store for $0.99.

We hope you have just as much fun with this app as we do!

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