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Looking for an Engineering Manager

By sarah in Uncategorized. Posted on October 3rd

What happens when people try to share the responsibility of managing a software team? You learn you need a full-time engineering manager! Thankfully we’re recruiting while we’re merely too busy but not yet on fire. We’re really looking for a people manager, prior coding experience isn’t required (but you better understand software and how to manage engineers!)

This position is all about:

  1. People & project management. Do your part to keep people focused on billable hours & using downtime productively (for professional development or internal projects), make hiring recommendations, and prevent the need to make firing recommendations! We have a flat organization, meaning you’re handling people stuff but you don’t dominate your own pyramid on the org chart.
  2. Documenting engineering processes, Blazing Cloud style. We’ve recently had healthy debates about what’s been effective about Scrum and XP, and how both relate to lean startup methods; how best to do responsive web design; and what are the best testing practices for iOS. The output of conversations like that needs to be captured and integrated in the the DNA of how we do things so we’ve got something to refer to and don’t constantly reinvent the proverbial wheel.
  3. Helping w/ pre-sales. A customer wants to hire us, but we need to do our best to determine where we’re going. Help estimate costs, total projects hours, ferret out hidden expectations, etc. We don’t like big surprises after we commit to a project!

The right person has:

  1. been a software manager for at least a couple different teams.
  2. shipped working software to paying customers.
  3. worked in company with less than 20 employees.

If you are interested please send a resume, linkedIn profile or napkin sketch of your awesomeness along with why you are interested in the position to us at [email protected]

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