Peer Pressure for Rails 3

Blazing Cloud is working on a new iPhone application, called Peer Pressure.  The idea is that you get your friends to help you achieve your goals.  We’re beta testing it and it is at the point where I feel ready to try a public goal.

I’ve have been working on updating my class curriculum for the Rails class that starts on Sept 26.  A lot of people have asked me about how to get started with Rails 3 if they already know Rails, so I thought I would write up a few notes along the way.  So my goal is to create some short “Cliff Notes” on Rails 3.

The idea is that I set up these milestones and check them off each day. I’ve made these to happen daily, but they could happen on a schedule where some milestones take more time.  (You can do quantitative goals too which chart with a line graph.) Here are my goals ready to be checked off:

I’ll be able to add a note and photo if I want when I complete a milestone.  I can preview my progress, which currently looks like this:

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