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PeerPressure Available Now on the App Store!

By bill in Uncategorized. Posted on October 22nd

PeerPressure Video

Blazing Cloud and Lucky Knives are excited to announce the official release of PeerPressure, an iPhone application that creates a virtual support group to help you meet your goals.

Choose from over 250 goal templates ranging from “Be Happier” to “Write a Book” or create your very own. PeerPressure draws in your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and email for positive support. Achieve one of your milestones? PeerPressure will send out a notification of your success to your friends. Forget to update or miss one of your milestones? PeerPressure will alert your friends that a bit of encouragement is needed to get you back on track. Queue up as many goals as you like while focusing on your main objective. Every time you start a goal, a custom webpage is created to help you and your friends chart your goal’s progress.

Over the past month, we’ve been testing PeerPressure at Blazing Cloud to see how a bit of peer pressure can push us to meet our goals. Our fearless founder Sarah invited us to track her goal of creating notes for programmers starting out in Rails 3. As she met her milestones, we received updates on her progress  and cheered her on.

This week, I’ll invite my friends to track my progress as I get back into running. Follow my progress at twitter.com/billdevine and send some peer pressure.

Visit the App Store today to download PeerPressure and start achieving your goals.

For Additional information visit PeerPressure visit http://www.peer-pressure.com/

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