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KIFTests talk

By paul in iOS, iPad, iPhone, Test Driven Development, Test Driven Development. Posted on September 17th

You can use iPhone speech synthesizer to announce runs of integration tests.
Hear the sounds what will warm your heart every time. It shows that tests are working.

Starting 13 test scenarios

If you have Siri on your phone Siri’s voice will pronounce the phrases.

VSSpeechSynthesizer could be found in XCode 4.4 in iOS PrivateFrameworks


Add new VSSpeechSynthesizer.h:

Add to your EXTestController.m

Next if you like your test to speak on iOS Simulator too you can add this implementation of

Hear the sound of all tests passed.

All 13 Tests Passed

Next we added an announcement of the first failure in the test suite to help us debug the issue. That announcement comes from a voice called “bad news” logically. See more voices available on Mac OS X System Preferences Speech panel:

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