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KIFTests talk

You can use iPhone speech synthesizer to announce runs of integration tests. Hear the sounds what will warm your heart every time. It shows that tests are working. Starting 13 test scenarios If you have Siri on your phone Siri’s voice will pronounce the phrases. VSSpeechSynthesizer could be found in XCode 4.4 in iOS PrivateFrameworks [...]

Git pre-commit hook to trim Xcode trailing whitespace

Xcode, even as new as v4.3 sometimes inserts trailing whitespace in edited source files. For example, when you select all lines and select menu Editor->Structure->Re-Indent to reformat the indentations. This can cause unnecessary changes to repository, when actually nothing was changed. To solve the problem, you can use a git pre commit hook. 1. Set [...]

Show Test Coverage in Xcode

There is CoverStory - an open source utility that can show you test coverage for your XCode unit tests. The problem is that CoverStory requires you to pick correct directory where object files and coverage metrics are stored. The directory could change from time to time. If you add this osascript as post test action [...]

Keys to iOS testing: KIF and Kiwi

How to test iOS apps? What frameworks, libraries to use to write automated tests for iOS apps? Where to start and what is current recommended approach for testing on iOS.