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We’re proud to announce Sarah Allen is a Presidential Innovation Fellow

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On June 15, 2013 Sarah took a plane to Washington D.C. to start a six-month appointment at the Smithsonian as one of a few select Presidential Innovation Fellows. While on hiatus from Blazing Cloud, Sarah will help develop the Institution’s program to provide public access to its massive collections in science, history, art, and culture.

The Smithsonian is one of several agencies sponsoring Presidential Innovation Fellows in support of “Open Data” projects. In May, President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the Open Data Policy to make information generated and stored by the Federal Government more open and accessible, with the goals of increasing government transparency and efficiency and fueling entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Sarah has always held the belief that if technology is meant for everyone, then the people that make technology should also reflect and represent the people that use it. As founder of Blazing Cloud, Sarah has always put that belief into action by putting together awesome design and development teams comprised of uniquely talented and diverse individuals. We’re so proud Sarah Allen is representing all of us as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. Congratulations Sarah!

Check out the the official White House announcement.

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