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Lean Government

Eric introduced the first session, with a secret amazing surprise guest! The very first Chief Technology Officer in the United States (2009-2012), Aneesh Chopra (@aneeshchopra), who will introduce our first speaker. Eric and a bunch of entrepreneurs came to the white house and asked: why is it so difficult to be an immigrant and also [...]

Shortening the Cycle: Lean Public Education

Diane Tavenner ( @summitps) talks about “Running Short Experiments During a Long Product Cycle” with the Summit Public Schools. One of the most common exuses we hear: it’s too hard! we have long process cycles! people are resistant to change! so this is doing it in public education O_O i suspect if we were playing [...]

Lean Startup: not just buzzwords

Eric Ries (@ericries) introduced the conference with a challenge that there be “no vanity metrics” at the conference. He encouraged us all to “Do the work.” “Whether you succeed or fail, if you learn something, tell us, and we’ll make you famous.” He then talked about something that has been on his mind lately…. If [...]

Lean Product Development

I’ve never been particularly interested in process, but over the last year, I have been driven to refine what one of our customers named “The Blazing Path.” It started as an effort to simply explain how the product development cycle works at our consulting company. My search for a simple explanation became a mission that [...]