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About.me for iOS: 50k downloads in 3 days

By bill in Uncategorized. Posted on May 7th

We are very pleased about the buzz around the release of AOL’s new about.me iPhone app. Blazing Cloud engineers worked collaboratively with the sumptuous designs of Aaron Martin and the fabulous David Brock of the about.me server team within the media giant.

Founder Tony Conrad tweeted that there were 50k downloads in the first 3 days of its release. Around the same time, the about.me team released a mobile web version of their popular site to format profiles for mobile devices. In addition to the browsing features available on the web, the iPhone app enables you to search Twitter, Facebook and the Address Book on your phone to see about.me pages. There’s also a fun location-based feature which allows you to see profiles of about.me users nearby who are also using the app.

The iPhone App has received rave reviews in several outlets, including the New York Times which highlighted the app’s sensible approach to privacy:

“The about.me team put privacy at the forefront of this experience, Mr. Freitas said, asking people to opt in to share their location or personal information. It is different from an app like Girls Around Me because both sides have to opt in to have their location displayed.”

What other sites are saying about the app:

“Now, about.me iPhone app users can make pages on-the-go as well as connect with people on the street with the mobile app. The ‘Who’s Nearby’ feature — unique to the app — is something that will appeal to people watchers, co-founder Ryan Freitas told Mashable….The app brings many pieces of the successful web platform to the iPhone.” — Mashable

“AOL-owned about.me website launched an iPhone app, helping you take your online identity with you, no matter where you happen to go. Aside from bundling many of the web service’s functionalities, the mobile app also allows you to “Check Out” nearby users’ pages presuming they’ve enabled the option…So if you’re into about.me and you also happen to own an iPhone, grab the app now and take it from there.” -IntoMobile.com

“About.me just released their official iPhone application for searching through each and every About.me profile. No matter whether you’re looking for a potential new hire or trying to find a specific details about a new contact you made – about.me should prove quite useful.” -.Me

About.me has done a fabulous job of gaining a lot of users since its launch in Dec 2010, combined with great SEO and its aggressive integration of services where people publish data about themselves, it has emerged as a key player in an ecosystem which allows us to connect and keep in touch with an astounding number of individuals. The native iOS app which leverages your contacts and social networks is just the beginning of how about.me can enable us to tap into a deep reservoir of information available on the Web.

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