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Bonfire of the Vanity Metrics: Numbers You’re Still Using and Shouldn’t

By bill in Lean Startup. Posted on December 3rd

Living beyond your means, spending energy merely to look successful and exaggerating your accomplishments are often a derivative of vanity metrics.

What numbers not to use:
- Pageviews
- New members
- Total members
- Unique visitors/visits
- Conversion Rate
- Percent Growth
- Conversion rate
- Twitter followers
- Facebook friends/likes

Instead measure:
- Measure success at your core business
- Show or directly relates to revenue
- Track real, indicidual customers
- Illustrate cause and effect
- Lead you to what to do next

The most important metrics:

- Measure revenue
- Measure sales volume
- Measure customer retention
- Measure relevant growth

Ivory Madison @ivorymadison

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