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Lean Marketing

By bill in Lean Startup. Posted on December 3rd

Lean marketing: if you had $1 to spend, where should you put it?

Early on, when starting a company, there are lots of shiny things you want to go after — but it could be easy to spend money on lots of channels without realizing what sort of impact you could have on your business. Leah that trying to do everything at once leaves you in a place where you’ve done everything poorly and your’e not sure what works or what doesn’t.

Back in Boston, TaskRabbit tried street team events, newsletter, SEO campaigns, daily deals sites (Groupon)… but doing all of them at the same time giving mixed results about what was working. It wasn’t until Leah started reading Lean Startup and listening to Eric’s talks that TaskRabbit applied the methodology to marketing campaigns.

Don’t only test channels but take a holistic approach to test marketing/messaging brand, design, geo, messaging, value prop, AND channel testing.

Leah Busque

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