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Learn to Build a CMS-Driven Website in a Weekend

By bill in Uncategorized. Posted on December 12th

Join Blazing Cloud for a weekend workshop on January 22-23rd and learn to build a website that can easily be edited by non-technical people. These days it’s not enough to create a website for someone — we need to provide them tools where they can update text and images, keeping their web presence aligned with their business.

You will learn to use Radiant, an open-sourced content management system (CMS) built with Ruby on Rails. Over the 2 days students will create, customize, and deploy a dynamic website. The workshop is taught by experienced Blazing Cloud engineers, drawing in best practices and lessons learned through their own experience developing with Radiant. The workshop empowers students to go on to build their personal, business or client websites.

Topics Covered:

  • Installing Radiant CMS on your laptop
  • Walk-through of creating Radiant website
  • Deploying to Heroku, a free hosted service
  • Applying custom CSS styling
  • Customizing Radiant using extensions such as Infinite Carousel

Website built during workshop

Radiant WYSIWYG content editor

Those interested in the workshop should be comfortable using web applications, familiar with basic HTML and excited to learn a new technology.

Blazing Cloud is offering Scholarships and an Early Bird Discount. For more information, check out http://classes.blazingcloud.net .

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